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Creativity is about the journey…

I know that sounds like some naff catchphrase but its an important point We live in a world that is ...

April 20, 2021
Why is point of view so important?

When I first started writing I assumed that as long as I was consistent with the point of view it wo...

April 2, 2021
author signing book
Should you write a business book?

Great question!  First let’s consider why you want to write a book  There are so many reasons: T...

February 22, 2021
vision board blue
Creativity is just playing – right?

Wrong! Every part of our life is improved by exercising our creativity  For some our creativity is ...

January 22, 2021
Woman sitting on bed writing in a notebook
Why journal?

It seems that everyone is doing it but is that a good enough reason to follow suit What on earth is ...

November 28, 2020
7 great reasons to hire a ghostwriter

You’ve wanted to write a book for years but despite putting it on your lengthy to-do list at the b...

October 21, 2020
Plotting your book

Whether you are writing a novel, non-fiction or business book plotting is important  Its more obvio...

October 7, 2020
Let’s talk about writer’s block!

So – what is writer’s block It’s that dreaded blank page on your computer staring accusingly a...

September 4, 2020
Need a ghostwriter?

Writing isn’t for everyone  I don’t understand why anyone would want to do anything else –...

August 16, 2020
Tips for dealing with writer’s slump

First, what is the difference between writer’s block and a writer’s slump Many use the terms int...

July 29, 2020
My e-book ‘Blog like a professional’ is available now!

Business owners are constantly told that we need to write blogs for our business For many of you thi...

July 6, 2020
How to achieve your writing goals

Motivations/Strengths and Weaknesses Motivations We can set goals and do our best to reach them but ...

July 6, 2020
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