Every ghostwriting project is different and my process is tailored individually to your needs. Your book will be told in your words with your voice. As a ghostwriter my job is to write it, so it represents your story in the way that you wanted it to be told. The book is published under your name.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. We have an obligation free discussion about your story and what you’re looking to achieve;
  2. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, I will scope the project, providing costs and timeframes;
  3. Once the proposal is agreed the contract is signed and you pay a deposit of 50%;
  4. Interviews commence with you to obtain the information and stories for your book, this can include other sources previously agreed;
  5. The book chapters are drafted and sent for early feedback to you, the author for feedback and alterations;
  6. Once the draft manuscript a first proofread will be done and the draft is sent to the author for review. The number of reviews is entirely down to the author and is agreed at the contract stage;
  7. Once the agreed reviews have been completed and the alterations made, a final proof will be done on the completed manuscript. The final 50% with then be paid to the ghostwriter;
  8. The author will then choose whether to pursue traditional or self-publishing. The ghostwriter can refer the author to editors or a publishing consultant for professional editing services, formatting and other publishing services required.

This process and what steps and services included are entirely negotiable and based on the requirements of the author. I recommend that every author seeks professional editing, formatting and cover design services if they choose to self-publish as these are the factors that will set a professional publication apart from an amateur one. I am very happy to refer authors to professionals for these services, however authors are welcome to source their own.

Are you ready to get your book out there but you:

Are too busy?

If you’re too busy to write, yet have a great deal of knowledge and information to share with the world, I can help.

Lack confidence?

It’s a big step if you lack the confidence in your capacity to complete a book length writing project.

Want a professional?

If you’d prefer to have a professional writer tell your story, let’s have a conversation and see how we could work together.

Find it challenging?

You may find your story personally or emotionally challenging, and prefer to tell your story at arm’s length.

I love writing of any kind – books, novels, blogs, articles and papers. I have extensive experience writing on behalf of senior government ministers, social media influencers, CEOs, businesspeople, professionals and everyday people with stories to share.

My capacity to adapt complex information for a broader, less technical audience is one of my particular strengths. I very much enjoy ghostwriting of all types – books, e-books, reports, policy and research papers, articles, blogs and storytelling.

I would be more than happy to discuss your fiction, nonfiction book or business book with you to see if you and I would be a good fit. Feel free to book one of my 'Virtual Coffees' to discuss it further.

Writing Tribes

I have three, free, online writing tribes where you can access information and advice in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Online courses

Are you ready to write your first book and want a step by step guide to make it happen? If you’re more of a self-learner, these courses are for those who are motivated and ready to write their first books. It will tell you WHAT you need to do and show you HOW to get your book finished.


Write your first non-fiction book in ten minutes a day

How to write your first fiction book in ten minutes a day​

What my clients say

  • "Absolute pleasure"

    Nicole has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, both helping ghostwrite an article for me but also putting more structure into something I've postponed for quite some time. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, you won't regret it!
    Alexandra Galviz
  • "Thought provoking"

    Nicole worked up some thought provoking and on trend blogs that gave our customers a call to action to engage more with us and ultimately buy our workshops.
    Mairi McHaffie
  • "Clear and thorough"

    It was as if Nicole was holding my hand on this book writing journey using her expertise to guide the way. I learnt a lot. Nicole helped me see that book writing is more than just writing but it's an expression of all of who you are.
    Maureen Tuitt

Ready to get your idea professionally written?

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