Writer's Coaching

Good news! Writing is not a secret art form. Anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can write a book.

My job is to demystify the process for you and to show you how you can achieve your goals. I show you HOW to get started, take you through the process and get your book finished. Your job is not to write a perfect book – nobody wants to read a ‘perfect book’ and such a thing doesn’t exist. Your job is simply to tell a good story, whether you are writing a business book to share your expertise, telling your story to motivate or inspire or achieving your dream of writing a novel – the goal is the same – tell a good story.

There are a few options available to those who are looking for a coach to get them started, set goals and achieve them, maintain momentum, be accountable, build confidence, deal with blocks and feedback. Every writer is different – if you can’t see what would work for you to get your book finished then book a virtual coffee with me and we can develop a bespoke package just for you.

I offer

Group Coaching Programme

Weekly online group coaching sessions, accountability, goal setting, tracking writing, tools, strategies, templates and access to private Writing Den.

1 to 1 Coaching

1 to 1 coaching sessions, full goal setting, accountability, feedback service for 4 months. Full book writing process from getting started to full first draft.

VIP Masterclass

A full day coaching session to work on your book, in conjunction with one of my other coaching programmes or on its own.

Writing Tribes

I have three, free, online writing tribes where you can access information and advice in a supportive and encouraging environment.

In the end the ‘proof is in the pudding’.  So many writers in my writing tribes are now published authors.  They have produced business books, inspirational memoirs and fascinating novels. 

Rachel Marangazov, an EU migration and refugee expert, had never written a word of fiction but had felt the ‘pull’ for years.  She completed her debut novel in just under 4 months in January 2020. She talks about her experience of working with me here.

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Play Video

Phyllis Woodfine is an Osteopath, CPD Lecturer and NLP Coach. She’s used both my online courses and my services as a Writing Coach and describes how these have benefited her in this video. 

You can hear what my other clients say about my Writer’s Coaching service below.

What my other clients say

  • "Clear and thorough"

    It was as if Nicole was holding my hand on this book writing journey using her expertise to guide the way. I learnt a lot. Nicole helped me see that book writing is more than just writing but it's an expression of all of who you are.
    Maureen Tuitt
  • "Demystified"

    Nicole has totally demystified the art of writing and with small, consistent bursts of writing (10 minutes a day) I started to see that I could write and I found new confidence. The key here is Nicole herself. She is the ultimate cheerleader, instilling confidence to take small risks and have a go.
    Sarah Billingham
  • "In awe"

    It all started with grabbing a coffee offline with her and before I knew it I was in awe of her experience and knowledge. Since then I've partnered up with her on varying different projects.
    Alexandra Galviz
  • "keep you productive"

    Nicole is guaranteed to keep you at a productive level AND maintain your work at high standards before deadlines get close. My experience working with her has been great so far, looking towards further collaboration.
    Iustin Gherghu

Ready to start your coaching journey?

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Online courses

Are you ready to write your first book and want a step by step guide to make it happen? If you’re more of a self-learner, these courses are for those who are motivated and ready to write their first books. It will tell you WHAT you need to do and show you HOW to get your book finished.


Write your first non-fiction book in ten minutes a day

How to write your first fiction book in ten minutes a day​