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Storytelling for Business

Humans are hardwired for stories.  This course is for businesses who want to write content and books for their businesses.  It explains the history and science behind the impact storytelling has on humans and how we can use that understanding to develop stories that resonate with our customers.

Storytelling for business is a course designed to explain the reasons human beings respond to stories rather than facts. It takes you through a potted history and some of the science behind its impact on people. It’s for businesses who want to develop content and books that resonate with their audience.

This course covers:

  1. What is storytelling?
  2. The history of storytelling
  3. The science
  4. How can we use storytelling for business?
  5. Critical elements of storytelling:
    • Theme
    • Setting
    • Character
    • Conflict
    • Plot
    • Story Arc
  6. The 7 basic story types
  7. The 5 story types best suited to business storytelling
  8. Using the 3 act story structure
    • Act One: Introduction
    • Act Two: Middle
    • Act Three: Resolution
  9. How to make your stories engaging


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This course is hosted by Thinkific

Course curriculum

  • Course introduction video with Nicole Johnston
  • Storytelling for Business

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